Pandemic Perspectives: American Diversity Report Advisors

Deborah Levine
8 min readMar 25, 2020


All of us at the American Diversity Report express our hopes for our readers’ safety and well being. See the diverse thoughts of the ADR Advisors on the pandemic situation.
~ Deborah Levine, Editor

Dr. Carlos Cortés, ADR Advisor

Dear champions of diversity, I hope that you and your loved ones are staying healthy and weathering the economic storm. When this siege is over — as long as it may take — we’ll all have lots of work to do in the pursuit of a future of greater justice, equity, and inclusivity.

Dr. Elwood Watson: ADR Peer Review Team

Dear ADR readers, The nation is undoubtedly experiencing a significantly challenging moment. While it is important that all of us aggressively acknowledge the gravity of the current crisis directly facing us and astutely adhere to the crucial, if not possibly, life saving advice being dispensed to us by medical expert from across the globe, it is also imperative that we not allow our feelings and emotions to be overtaken and paralyzed by fear and despair. This nation has always, sporadically endured dramatically transformative crises and each time, we have emerged out of the temporary period of darkness stronger and in some cases, wiser after the fact. We as Americans are a resilient people and there is no doubt that we will survive this current setback. In the meantime, use common sense, stay safe and remain psychologically strong.

Dr. Beth Lynne: ADR Peer Review Team

I would like to express that we are all in this as a society. We need to keep our sense of humanity and watch out for each other. Although we may not always agree with the lawmakers, we need to heed their recommendations and requirements to stay put and not put those who are disabled, compromised by health, or elderly at risk. If you are bored or just wish to help others, assist those with children at home virtually by helping educate with engaging activities, simply to aid parents with some variety. Those of you with children, keep them home so they are not putting themselves and others in harm’s way. Ask older people who are alone and housebound if they need help ordering groceries and essentials. Consider how lucky we are, to have so…

Deborah Levine

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